Put your Student Auto Loan doubts to Sleep

An important part of college life is the ability to be able to manage different schedules in your life with your studies. The commute to college by public transport is tedious and takes a lot more time than it should. If you live off-campus, a car of your own will turn this difficult process into a smooth part of your day. With one thing less to worry about, you can focus more clearly on your studies and juggle time effectively between college schedule, your personal life and your part-time job.

Buying a car is not a small investment. Most people, unless they are extraordinarily rich, need an auto loan to get them started. And as a college student, you will need it as well. The good news is that it does not take much to do it right. Just keep in mind some factors while choosing which lender and car you want to go with, and follow the procedure.

Choosing a Car

Buying a brand new car, which you will struggle to pay for, is not advisable. Most college students buy a used car as their first auto purchase. It is economical and practical.

Plan out your budget before you start looking at cars. List out your expenses and income/allowance, and have a clear idea of what kind of payments you are comfortable with.

While choosing a car, think carefully about fuel efficiency. SUVs, for example, will not only squeeze you for more money, but also use up more fuel. Consider the average miles you get per gallon from each car and make the smart choice.

Other costs

While applying for a student auto loan, be clear about your financial stature with the lender. This will help in establishing a doable payment structure for you. Consider other expenses like maintenance, insurance, fuel and repair and add them to the amount you will spend in buying the vehicle.

How can your Parents help you?

Convince your parents to sell their old car. Exchanging that car with the dealer for the one you’re buying will help in lowering the price. A lower price increases the possibility of paying the loan amount back on time. Also, after paying the money back, your credit history will show that you can make calculated financial decisions.

If your parents live in another state, you need not be concerned. Most lenders will not worry about an out-of-state co-signer.

Web Research

Go online and search for the kind of student auto loan deals that you want. Fortunately, there are lenders who are willing to meet with you and discuss terms and conditions clearly according to your needs. Find lenders who encourage college buyers. They will not be bothered much about your non-existent credit history.

Finalize the deal with someone you feel comfortable with. Remember that every time you make your payments, you will take a step closer to having a car of your own.

The word auto loan, especially for students, sounds daunting. But there is nothing complicated about it if done thoughtfully and well. Select an appropriately priced car, figure out the payment amount you can afford and make payments routinely. It’s as easy as that.

Gati Ltd “Delivering On Time, Every Time”

Gati Ltd is a pioneer and leader in the Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions in India. The company has launched many path-breaking initiatives in the logistics segment. The business of the company is to move the cargo from one place to another using multimodal transport models, that is, Road, Rail, Air & Sea. They also offer specialized logistics services.

Being a market leader in India, Gati has a strong market presence in the Asia Pacific region and SAARC countries. Today, Gati has offices in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Nepal and plans to foray into other markets. Gati has over 3100 business partners across India and operates a fleet of more than 5000 vehicles.

Key Business Verticals

Express Distribution – The Express distribution and supply chain management business of the group is managed by Gati-Kintetsu Express Private Limited (Gati-KWE) a joint venture company between Gati Ltd and Kintetsu World Express -Japan’s leading logistics provider. Gati-KWE’s multimodal transportation service, unmatched reach, wide network, well-built infrastructure and strong technology ensures that every customer gets an integrated, seamless and cost effective solution right from planning, transportation, routing to delivery.

Gati e-Commerce – e-Commerce logistics services are the fastest growing business vertical for Gati

Gati Kausar – Gati’s cold-chain subsidiary, Gati Kausar, provides cold-chain solutions. Gati Kausar is a prominent player in the fast emerging Indian cold chain industry. The strength of the company lies in its state-of-the-art temperature controlled, integrated transport and storage facilities for agricultural produce, processed food and other temperature sensitive products.

Supply Chain Solution – Gati’s supply chain solution offers an integrated supply chain service to businesses across industry verticals. The company is equipped to handle customized as well as complex end to end integrated logistics solutions. Gati is in a unique position to partner with clients to identify cost Benet opportunities that drive value into their business and achieves this by driving synergy from its varied business units.

Result Analysis

Quarterly Consolidated

Net Sales during Q4FY16 stood at 425 crores vs. 414 in Q4FY15 growing 2.65%
Total Income From Operations stood at 428 crores in Q4FY16 vs 416 crores in Q4FY15 growing 2.88%
Operating Profit was at 28 crores in Q4FY16 vs 25 crores in Q4FY15 growing 12%
PAT for Q4FY16 was recorded at 15.54 crores vs 11.34 crores in Q4FY15 growing 37%

Annual Consolidated

Net Sales during FY16 stood at 1657 crores vs 1638 in FY15 growing by 1.15%
Total Income From Operations stood at 1667 crores in FY16 vs 1648 crores in FY15 growing by 1.15%
Operating Profit was at 93 crores in FY16 vs 106 crores in FY15 falling by 12%
PAT for FY16 was recorded at 49.23 crores vs 56.56 crores in FY15 falling by 13%
EPS stood at 4.21 vs 4.72

The Gati share price is trading at 152 with a P/E of 36.04. The stock has a market cap of 1329 crores. The 52 week high / low for the stock is 206.45 / 94.50 respectively. The company has not shown exceptional growth on a QoQ and YoY and we do not recommend fresh buy in the stock. Every rise should be looked as an opportunity to exit the stock.

Cheapest Price Property In Noida Extension With Great Location Advantages

Greater Noida West is one of the most developed and managed areas of Delhi NCR which provides excellent link to areas like Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Delhi. The city provides an excellent experience with road systems like DND Flyway, Yamuna Expressway and NH 24. In addition, the communication provides good city relationship that result in various areas of Delhi and even Gurgaon people can easy move different places of any city without headache. The town has thus become a good area for buying Residential Property In Noida Extension and every year many home buyers and traders choose for their preferred residence in the town. There are major social infrastructures in Greater Noida West which include well known educational institutions, medical centers, workplaces, shopping and enjoyment areas. The qualities in Noida range from affordable to magnificent which means there is something for every home buyer in this city.

It is Just the Right time to Spend money on apartments for selling in Noida. Noida is home to several different residential projects being developed by popular developer. One can locate cost-effective as well as magnificent Flats in Noida Extension in types like 2 BHK apartments in Noida, 3 BHK and even 4 and 5 BHK flats for top quality living experience. The area has in past provided great results for home buyers and this is the reason why still many traders want to be in this area. Most 2 BHK residences in Noida are cost-effective and are available as ready to use options. Eventually, this real estate in Noida show great results following over the years admiration rate. People always want to get their houses on best location and also want to get each type of service which can give them splendid luxuries and comfortable way of life.

The Real Estate Projects In Noida Extension also becomes appealing due to the fact that many well-known national and worldwide famous destination are functional in this area. Some major developer working out with their property construction in Noida like Gaursons, Mahagun, Migsun, Supertech, Panchsheel, JM Real estate, Antriksh, Ajnara, Nimbus and MMR Group. The existence of such property has increased the number of quality property build and also has led to competitive costs of the flats, eventually gaining home buyers and investor.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Greater Noida West then it makes sense that you evaluate all different residential projects in the area. The factors to take into consideration are like location advantages, street connection, present or suggested city connection, security measures and available facilities. Noida Extension provides great accessibility areas in Delhi, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and even Gurgaon. It provides good accessibility street systems like DND Flyway, Yamuna Expressway, FNG Expressway, NH 24 and NH 91.